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Is Auto Glass Repair Safe?
over 2 years ago


Auto glass repair is one of the most common services provided by car repair shops. Repairing a small chip or scratch in your auto glass, or another auto glass, preserves the structural safety of your car. However, ignoring a chipped or cracked piece of auto glass could lead to even larger issues if it shatters while you are driving or when you are parked. Here are some of the most common types of auto glass repairs and what they entail. Click to see page for more.


Auto glass crack repairs typically occur in drivers who have not maintained their vehicle's windshields and are driving on highways and streets that are known for their visibility. Large cracks or breaks in a vehicle's glass can be unsightly and distracting, and this can impact your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. Auto glass repair specialists can often fix small cracks or chips in a driver's auto glass without making an impression on the surface, which means the repaired area will not be noticeable to other drivers. Small cracks or chips in a driver's auto glass may warrant an insurance claim, and these professionals are able to advise you on the best course of action to take if you notice an accident-or even a hazard-in your auto glass.


Cracks or chips in a windshield are usually accompanied by a statement made by a professional from a glass company stating that the auto glass repair will be guaranteed to last for up to ten years. However, if the crack or chip is very small, it may only need a small patch job instead of a complete replacement. When an auto glass repair requires a small patch job, the repair technician can place the replacement auto glass on top of the broken piece of glass. Many replacement pieces of glass are also designed to fit into smaller frames that prevent them from impacting with other vehicle components.


Some drivers are wary of auto glass repair, because they believe that it voids their automobile warranty or puts a dent in their automobile credit score. In fact, neither of these concerns is true. Glass repair in an accident does not void your warranty; it simply ensures that your vehicle is in proper repairable condition. If you finance your auto glass repair, your lender will work with you to make certain that the financing company reports your repair to the insurance agency as being covered by auto glass repair insurance. Even if your vehicle has a finance loan, your lender can help cover the cost of auto glass repair in the event that you suffer a glass chip in the middle of the freeway, or somewhere else in your car.


When an auto glass repair is required, many companies will recommend a temporary repair to protect the customer's vehicle until the repair can be performed. This may include placing tape over the glass chip or crack to keep it from moving. In some cases, the chip can be easily cleaned without using tape, and the customer will just have to make sure that any personal belongings do not get caught in the crack or crevice. Many auto glass repair shops will clean chips and cracks right before repairing them, saving the customer the time and hassle of having to clean up.


Even though it may seem inconvenient to drive around with a cracked windshield or chip in the side of the car, it could actually save you money. A repair may be more affordable in the long run, especially if you plan to take advantage of any vehicle insurance discounts that may apply to you. For instance, if you have comprehensive coverage on your auto glass replacement policy, you may be able to eliminate the deductible for having this repair done. If you decide to purchase an entirely new windshield and repair the chips yourself, you will save money on the installation and the labor costs. Click to learn more here.


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